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The Top 3 Mac OS X Email Archiver Apps

If your inbox is overflowing with messages, then the chances are good that you need some help. These handy apps are all you need to help restore some order to one of the most important apps on your Mac, and may just save you from insanity!

The Best Alternatives to iMovie for PC Users

iMovie is a powerful, yet simple to use, video editor for Apple computers. Unfortunately, it is only available for Macs. There are, however, some great Windows programs that offer just as many features, and are equally intuitive. This article explores the best alternatives to iMovie for PC users.

Windows Live Mail: Install and Setup Guide

Windows Live Mail is a free and easy to use desktop mail client that allows you to read email from multiple accounts, check your calendar, and manage your contacts all in one place. This Windows Live Mail install guide provides an introduction to the program and has helpful tips on how to use it.

What is the Best External Macbook Air DVD Drive?

The Macbook Air is an innovative example of modern technology, but compromises had to be made to ensure that style, form and performance goals were reached. The absence of a DVD drive was one such concession, but adding an external Macbook Air DVD drive solves this. Here are five of the best.

How to Open a docx File: 10 Tried and Tested Methods

Need to know how to open a docx file? Well, if you’re using Microsoft Office 2003, or older, you cannot directly open a .docx file. However, there are ways of opening, reading, and editing docx files without having MS Office 2007 or Office 2010 installed on your computer. This article shows you how.