Genevieve Van Wyden

Crochet Hair Net Pattern Tutorial

Round up your favorite crochet hook and a crochet thread in your favorite color, settle into your couch, then begin crocheting your own hair net. Even if you are a beginner at crochet, you can quickly learn how to complete the mesh stitch.

Make Easy Cross Stitch Bookmarks with Christmas Motifs

What kinds of gifts do you plan to give this Christmas? Instead of laying out your money for items you buy at the store, make Christmas gifts instead. If you have a creative talent, such as cross stitch, small gifts that you make and give with love will be appreciated more than something you buy.

Make a Crocheted Headband for Baby Girl

Crocheted baby headbands work up quickly. Because you only need to crochet a few inches (in general, about 9 inches), to have a sufficient length to fit around the circumference of the baby’s head. Because baby headbands are also narrow, each row is quickly completed.

The Basics of Cross Stitch

What is cross stitch? Simply put, it’s a craft that decorates homes and clothing. Cross stitchers. learn this version of needlepoint, then begin creating framed pictures, wall hangings and pillows. Popular themes include holidays, alphabet letters and babies.

Learn Basic Crochet Stitches

You’ll learn what the basic crochet stitches are and how they’re made. You’ll also find out which stitches are best for different kinds of items you’re planning to make, such as rugs, mug cozies, shawls, afghans, beanies, fingerless gloves or rugs.

How to Crochet a Light Scarf

This article shows intermediate crocheters how to make a lightweight scarf for use as an accessory with different articles of clothing. Rather than crocheting a scarf made to keep out cold, this scarf is intended as a decorative item of clothing.