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Renewable Energy Cost Analysis for the US

The high cost of fossil fuels coupled with CO2 emissions threatening climate change has led to an influx of proposals for renewable energy projects. However, the choice as always will come down to costs and which renewable energy type has the best short-term and long-term economic potential.

Ionizing Air and Ozone

The ozone layer located high in the stratosphere protects us from the sun’s harmful high frequency UV rays. This layer is getting thinner due mostly to anthropogenic activities along with the production of ionized air, prompting an examination into the relationship between ionized air and ozone.

Straw Bales as Fuel to run Barley Dryer

Farmers who grow barley and other cereal crops have had difficulty reaping their harvest due to wet weather prevalent in many parts of the world. This has caused them to reap wet barley resorting to the use of expensive grain dryers to reduce the humidity content before it is acceptable for malting.

A Guide to Utilizing Solar Energy

Solar radiation, also known as insolation is freely available in many parts of the world.
This energy can be used to provide domestic hot water through solar thermal panels and also electricity from photovoltaic (PV) panels; these are examined in the following guide to utilizing solar energy.

Wood Stove Repair and Maintenance Tips

Several types of wood stoves are used in the home as water heaters, room heaters and for cooking. The modern stoves have automatic electronic control systems that are best maintained by a qualified engineer. However, there are quite a few other components that can be maintained by the homeowner.

Instructions for Residential Geothermal Maintenance

The maintenance of a home geothermal heat pump is split between the homeowner and the geothermal unit supplier.
The DIY maintenance consists of regular checking of fluid levels and temperatures in the heat pump; changing filters in the air handling unit and the geothermal ground loop system.

Can Diesel Engines be run on Natural Gas?

Natural gas can be used as a dual-fuel in diesel engines following a conversion. The gas is compressed (CNG) and contained in a pressure tank usually in an automobiles boot or underneath the truck’s body. It is less toxic and safer to use, emitting less CO2, than a normal petrol or diesel engine.

How to Make Your Own Wood Pellets from Scratch

Wood pellets can be produced from sawdust that is fed into a pellet mill. There are two main types of pellet mills available for home use being compact and designed to operate on electricity. The pellets are a source of renewable energy when used to fuel a wood pellet boiler in the home.

Wind Generators for Home: Typical Installation Costs

Typical installation costs for wind generators at home vary with the type of the wind generator that has been chosen as best suited to the residence.
The costs also depend on the capacity of the wind generator to produce sufficient electricity for the home, exporting any excess to the grid.

Relative Humidity and Low Dewpoint

The meaning of relative humidity and low dewpoint are indicative of the amount of moisture contained in the atmosphere. Relative humidity is a relative value given as a percentage. On the other hand, the dew point is an absolute value being recorded in ᴼC or ᴼF.

What is a Barometer and How Does It Work?

Here we examine what is a barometer and how does it work. A barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure, which is one of the weather properties required by a meteorologist to make predictions. There are four distinct types of barometers: Mercury, water column, aneroid barometer and barograph.

Types of Weather Instruments

There are numerous types of instruments used to forecast the weather, and within the different types of weather instruments are several categories depending on their application. This applies to instruments such as thermometers that can be categorized as either alcohol or mercury thermometers.

Modern Technology Used to Collect Weather Data

Technology used to collect weather data employs a number of devices such as satellites and weather balloons to perform a very important function to our daily living; forecasting the weather. It is especially so for our transport services that depend on the weather forecast to ensure passenger safety