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How to Choose a Wind Turbine for Home Electricity

You’ve made up your mind to generate electricity with the help of wind power. Great. You’ve probably started your research and are weighing the financial requirements as well as the pros and cons of a wind generator. This article will introduce some of the technical terms and concepts involved.

Formula to Calculate Wind Load

To prevent new construction and other structures from toppling in strong winds, architects and engineers have to calculate their wind loads. The wind load of a physical object is completely relative to its area.

How to Tell if You need Flood Insurance

Most people think that their homeowner’s insurance policy also covers flood damage, but a common policy does not cover flood damage. You can add flood insurance to your home owner’s policy. This article tries to answer some of the common questions about flood risk for insurance.

Problems Associated with using Biogas as a Motor Fuel

Biogas manufactured from organic material before being used as a fuel for motors has to be free of carbon dioxide and sulfide. Carbon dioxide has to be removed since it does not burn, and sulfide is corrosive in nature. This proves to be costly when considering biogas as a motor fuel.

How Aqueducts Work

The Romans greatly shaped the civil engineering of today. They were the first ones to realize what can be done with water. Building aqueducts to transport water was their extraordinary engineering feat that is used even today.

Removing Oil from Florida Beaches

Biodegradation of an oil spill, whether on beaches or in the ocean, is a normal procedure that gradually gets rid of oil from the aquatic and dry surroundings. But speedy elimination of spilled oil from seashores and lowlands is indispensable for minimizing damage to these sensitive habitats.

What are Savings Bonds—How to Know Which Are the Best

Savings Bonds offer a safe and smart alternative to savings accounts; they are backed by the federal government, have higher interest rates, and are tax-deferred. Series EE and Series I Bonds are the two types of Savings Bonds offered, and when compared, Series I Bonds have performed better