Aaron R.

Google’s Government Influence – A New Lobbyist Rises

Google’s power is easy to understand. They’re a fundamental part of the Internet as we know it, and a massive company with a lot of money to throw around. After a bit of a delay, they’re now getting around to using that power to twist governments and public opinion to meet their needs.

Is Conficker Actually “Dangerous”?

A new book, titled Worm, seeks to give the complicated story of one of the biggest computer worms in existence. While Conficker is an interesting beast, it seems like it’s getting a whole lot of attention by people desperately wanting it to be a great villain.

Who Will Run Apple in the Post-Jobs Era?

There have been a lot of questions raised over just who is going to pick up the torch after Jobs’ passing. It seems unlikely that anyone could fill the hole in the company that he left behind, but a look at the rising stars of Apple should greatly lessen your fears.

The Evolution of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses have come a long way since they were first thought of. Moving from the realms of a simple practical joke, to the high heights of international cyberwarfare, they have certainly had an interesting course. To find out more about how viruses have changed, look inside.

A Quick Look at the Best Anti-Virus Software

Malware is a plague upon the Internet, and unfortunately it looks like it’s here to stay. As long as there is a dollar to be made, criminals will try to use whatever means at their disposal to get it. As the holidays approach, it may not be a bad idea to spend a little for a more secure computer.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Computer Security Products

As much as Hollywood likes to play up the idea of hackers, it actually doesn’t take much to secure the average home computer. Plenty of free programs will keep out the viruses and pieces of malware that pose the biggest risk to your system. We’ll take a look at the best free options out there.

Is Microsoft That Evil Anymore?

For the longest time Microsoft was the favorite public enemy of the tech world. It seems like that role is changing though. Is Microsoft too inflexible to advance it’s state of evil? Has it been overtaken by new innovative tricks? Joking aside, public opinion is shifting in new and interesting ways.

Gmail Privacy Issues

Google hasn’t been to kind to Internet privacy lately. The reveal of what Gmail is up to with its ad scanning is a big hit to Internet privacy. If you’d like the whole story on what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and why it’s a big deal, just look inside for a full analysis.

Google’s Impacts on Internet Privacy

It seems like I can’t go anywhere without being reminded of Google’s shadow over the Internet. Their efforts to gather information and “improve’ user experiences are starting to lead to scary results online. Is this something to be concerned about?

Phishing Scams Aren’t Just for Fools

I’ve never really liked the phrase “We all live in glass houses,” but I do find it annoying to see the victims of scams blamed for lacking common sense. The unfortunate truth is that most of these victims just made little mistakes and suffered dearly for it, and others wish to add insult to injury.

How Do I Remove Temp Files from Firefox?

Temp folders can be very annoying, in certain situations. They have the potential to take up a lot of room on your computer, and they can leave your browsing habits exposed. If you’d like to clean up your temp folders in Firefox, then there are several options available.

How to Delete Messages on Skype

If you use the popular Internet messenger service, Skype, then you would probably like to know that it offers you a very limited window to save face if you make an embarrassing comment or mistake. If you’d like to learn how to delete Skype messages, either for organization or reputation, look here.