Ashwin Satyanarayana

How to Speed Up Windows 7 – Easy Tips and Tweaks

Speed thrills, doesn’t it? Nothing hits you as badly as a slow computer – it slows your work down, hampers your productivity and can frustrate you to death. Windows 7 is super-fast and looks pretty quick. However, there are some smart ways to speed up Windows 7.

Is Windows 7 Better Than Vista?

While a lot of users are stuck with the eccentric and odd-behaving Vista, Microsoft has rolled out Windows 7. Now which one is better? Is Windows 7 really better than Vista? Can Windows 7 justify all the hype surrounding it?

How To Shop Online to Save Money At the Stores

Every Dollar Saved is a Dollar earned. We don’t even have a choice today, do we? The way our disposable income is plummeting, we would love to know how to save money while we can. But just how can we leverage the power of Internet to get the best of the prices out there? Read On:

How Windows Vista Works – The New Vista Event Viewer

Do you know what the event viewer is? How about event Logs? Why would you even need to know this? Windows Vista comes with pretty nifty set of tools which have a range of important uses. One such tool that comes with Windows Vista is the Event Viewer. So what exactly is it? Read on.

Network Security Basics: What is Cryptography?

Do you like solving puzzles? Well, most of the puzzles out there are made such that can be solved. What if you made one that cannot be solved? Well, what if it is difficult to do so? Enter the world of cryptography which deals with a lot of things secretive. What is Cryptography? How does it work?

Novice Guide to CPU – How Does CPU Work?

Have computers been a mystery to you? Did you ever stop to think how is it that the computer is such an efficient machine? Say thanks to the CPU. So how does it work? What makes it tick? How is it that it is able to deliver so much? Read on to learn more:

What is CPU? How CPU Works?

Just talking about the CPU won’t do it justice because it wouldn’t be complete without the other hardware elements. The understanding of the CPU has a lot more to do with so many different parts coming together to render the CPU its magic. So read on how different parts of a CPU make it up:

What Does RAM Stand For? How Does Computer Memory Work?

The Random Access Memory (RAM) is a crucial part of the computer and without that the CPU wouldn’t be able to do its job. Think of RAM as a constant companion to the CPU that assists it in doing all the rapid calculations, processing data and much more. How does it work? What is it really doing?

How to Add More Memory to a Computer? Introduction to Ram

Good enough is never good enough. “Having more” has an appeal “having enough” can never hope to compete against. Greed is universal — so is the case with our computing requirements. How much memory is good enough? No comments. We just need more, don’t we? So how do we add more memory? Read on: