Alice Rovney

What is the Purpose of Operating Budgets?

Sometimes it really feels like we are losing grasp of our business finances. The truth is, most of us really prefer to pour our passion into whatever it is we started out to do in the first place. Who has time for budgets–and just what is the purpose of operating budgets anyway? Read on.

Designing a Cozy Home Office & Loving It: 10 Top Tips

Does your home office give you the blues? Designing a cozy home office isn’t just about the decor. It improves productivity, health, and mood. Want to know how? Read these 10 tips to designing a cozy home office and keep those blues on the radio where they belong.

So You Want Paperless Office Solutions? Find Them Here!

Looking for paperless office solutions and don’t know where to begin? It’s simple really. All you need is a basic understanding of the pros, the cons and the technology. Soon you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect paperless office solutions for your home office.