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Four Best Ghost Hunting Android Apps

Paranormal enthusiasts will find plenty of useful Android apps that might help them detect any anomalies in the magnetic field and experiment with EVP. These apps record and save the EMF and EVP readings and offer a graphical interface for easy analysis.

A Guide to the International Space Station

Do you know how big the International Space Station and when it was completed? Or what are its main goals? Read our guide and find out how the ISS was formed, its key objectives, missions, modules and what are its accomplishments so far.

Guide to Google Chrome: How-Tos, Tips and Tools

Google’s web browser is fast, easy and straightforward. With a sparse, clean interface and support for the latest web standards like HTML5, Chrome delivers a rich web browsing experience. The features and enhancements it offers improve your web browsing experience.

How-To Guides and Tips for Google Blogger Users

Google Blogger is considered one of the best blogging platforms and is constantly evolving to offer new tools and widgets to users. The Blogger tips and tutorials we have included in this guide can be very useful for both beginner and advanced bloggers.

The Top Five Twitter Clients for Windows 7

There are plenty of Twitter clients for Windows, but the ones that truly shine offer plenty of customizable options and a simple, uncluttered user interface. Here are some of the top picks, including cross-platform apps and native Twitter apps that have a smaller memory footprint.

Four Must-Have Free Internet Radio Software Programs

Music enthusiasts looking for a free Internet radio application for their PC will be overwhelmed by the software choices available online. The best ones offer more than just streaming radio, including a built-in recording function, equalizer presets, skins and a variety of other functions.

The Top 5 iPhone Video Editing Apps

With easy-to-use tools and a simple user-interface, iPhone video editors provide a satisfying video editing experience. These apps take advantage of the phone’s various features and can be of great use to amateur movie makers.

The Top 5 Android Apps to Find Hotels

Globetrotters looking for a comfortable stay at some of the best touristy spots will find plenty of Android applications that provide user-recommendations and reviews on top-rated and budget accommodation. These free apps are regularly updated to give them accurate results and last-minute deals.

Top 5 Android Apps for Dads

Android apps are great gift ideas, which is why we recommend some of the best applications for your dad. You can present him with a nifty personal organizer, a calorie counter or a golf app to locate the best courses. Here are some of the best apps that will certainly impress your dad.

Which is the Best Thesaurus App for Android?

A thesaurus app for the Android platform is an excellent tool to search for synonyms and antonyms. Just enter a word and get accurate synonyms and opposites. There are several free Android thesaurus apps that have been designed for students who want a simple and easy-to-use interface.

The Top 5 Best iPhone Story Book Apps

Flipping through the virtual pages of iPhone story books is a novel way to entertain and educate your kids. These story book apps are optimized for the iOS platform to bring in a whole new reading and listening experience.

Best iPhone Cartoon Applications

Some of the best iPhone cartoon applications allow you to watch classic animated movies of the golden era, view hilarious satirical caricatures of popular celebrities and politicians, and draw cartoons the Japanese way. If you are a cartoon junkie, then you shouldn’t miss these apps.