Maggots in Wounds: Insights into Larval Therapy

Treating wounds using the larvae of flies, also known as maggots, may seem horrifying to some, but it has been considered as a good alternative to antibiotics and some surgical procedures for centuries. Learn more about the benefits and the safety of larval therapy in healing wounds.

Exploring the Cell: A Photo Gallery

Embark on a fascinating voyage of discovery with a collection of extraordinary photographs of different types of human cells. Here you will get intimately acquainted with the microscopic world beneath your skin.

Layman’s Guide to the Respiratory System

Normally you don’t give it a second thought, but every breath you take is vital and the oxygen it contains travels through a complex system to your body’s cells. This guide to the respiratory system explores its structures and functions, what happens when things go wrong, and how they can be fixed.

Is Autism Hereditary?

Although the exact causes of childhood autism have not been identified to date, there has been much emphasis on genetics as the most important factor in its causation. Other factors in addition to heredity, are now being linked more closely to this developmental disorder.

Money Management For College Students: Budgeting 101

It may be hard to think about now, but after you graduate you’ll need to manage your money in order to pay off student loans and achieve financial independence. Learn how to stick to a budget while in college in order to ensure your long-term financial success.