Lynne Ringle

The History of NCAA March Madness

The history of NCAA March Madness shows the evolution of the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship from an eight-team tournament in 1939 to one of the most anticipated sporting events in American sports.

Here are the Best Photography Colleges for Undergraduates.

There are many good colleges for photography students, but the best photography colleges for undergraduates provide access to a wide range of professional photography equipment. Other important factors are the overall curriculum, the availability of internships and the opportunity to exhibit work.

Here are the Best Colleges with a History Undergraduate Degree

When considering the best colleges for an undergraduate degree in history, what is right for one student may not be right for another. Community resources, internships, the opportunity to be published, study abroad experiences and student organizations are all potentially important factors.

Health and Going Green: Will Going Green Make You Healthier?

Health and going green can go hand-in-hand. Many people would like to make choices that are better for the environment, as well as for their overall health, but some changes can seem daunting. Going green and being healthy does not have to be complicated or even expensive. In fact, its easy!