Alia Nikolakopulos

Fundraising: Reciepts and Thank You Notes

If you receive donations for a charity you operate, use these helpful tips and sample letters to write your correspondence. These samples of thank you letters for donations contain information you should include for your donors to benefit from tax deductible gifts.

Tips on Closing a Business Without Bankruptcy

Closing a business without bankruptcy is often the best route for a struggling business owner to bow-out gracefully without accumulating legal fees and tarnished vendor relationships. This article discusses key basic components to consider if you’re considering a dissolution.

How to Develop a Pricing List for a Cleaning Company

Have you ever wondered how to develop a pricing list for a cleaning company? If you have a cleaning company or are thinking about starting one, you need to set prices for your services right away. This article discusses how to set rates for the various types of residential services you offer.

Best Ways to Find Clients Without Cold Calling

Ever wonder if cold calling is the only option for finding new clients? There are actually many marketing alternatives available. Some of the best ways to find clients without cold calling are inexpensive and demand little time. Find out which strategy works best for you!

Do Self-Employed People Pay Unemployment Insurance?

For many business owners, being self employed simply means you work for yourself; but the way your business is legally structured makes a difference in how you’re paid from business activity. This has a direct impact on your requirement to pay unemployment insurance.

Writing Your First Small Business Marketing Plan

If you own a small business, regardless of the size, you’ll want to make sure you have a written marketing plan. Writing your first small business marketing plan helps you and potential investors understand how you plan to generate income for your company.