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How to edit the Google Dosc Course Syllabus template

Learn how easy it is to edit the Google Docs Course Syllabus template and customize it to reflect your course syllabus.With easy to use tools and additional Google Docs features like ‘revision history’ and ‘Publish as web page’ options, you can finish your course syllabus in no time.

How to use Google’s 2009-2010 School Calendar template

Google’s 2009-2010 School Calendar template is here to change the way school’s create their yearly calendars. With the ease of creating, maintaining and sharing, learn how it can simplify this lengthy annual process while saving time and helping the environment by eliminating the paper trail.

Guide to using the course syllabus template provided by Google Docs

As a teacher, have you ever racked your brain trying to figure out what goes in a course syllabus or worse, forget to include vital information in your course outline. Learn how the Google Docs Course Syllabus template is the perfect,easy-to -use solution for creating a well-laid out course syllabus

UK University develops carbon-free power

Thanks to the new micro-trigeneration system, vegetable oil may fuel houses in the near future, while releasing zero carbon emissions. This system utilizes all the energy created in the power generation process for maximum efficiency. Read more about this green alternate source of energy.

Steps-by-step instructions tp connect Gmail to iGoogle

iGoogle is your personalized Google Homepage. It is customizable to your needs and is a great way to organize all your favorite gadgets and browse them at a glance. Learn how you can connect Gmail to iGoogle, so that you view, access and compose mail without having to sign-in separately into Gmail!

How to Use Google Docs Offline with the Google Gears Feature

Now you don’t have to worry about losing your work on Google Docs if your Internet connection fails. With offline mode in Google Docs, you can work on your documents online or offline without worrying about saving your work, as Google Gears saves it for you. Learn about offline mode and its features

How to Use Your Gmail Account as a Storage Device

Ever wondered what you are going to do with all the storage Gmail provides you? Sure, you never have to delete your email again but you still have many GBs of unused storage left. Read on to learn how you can utilize that free space by organizing it into a reliable storage device in cyberspace!

Google Chrome makes it easy to download

While other browsers have a separate download dialog-box, Google chrome integrates the download process with the web browser itself. Learn how simple it is to manage your downloads directly through the Google Chrome browser and how you can get started.

Features of Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

One of Google Chrome’s innovative features, Incognito mode, is a new way to browse the internet – without leaving a trace. Learn how to use this feature which might greatly alter the way you surf the Internet.

How to Add Users to Google Docs for Real-time Collaboration

Google Docs allows users to work on the same document at the same time from different places. Equip yourself with the tools provided by Google Docs to edit documents in a whole new way! Learn how to add users to a single document so all users can work simultaneously but from different locations.