Allyson Heath

Overview of a Program Analyst Job Description

The program analyst job description is great for the person who is organized, pays attention to details and is a good communicator. Program analysts can work in a variety fields in the public and private sector. Get some tips on becoming a program analyst, what skills are needed and what to expect.

Top 3 Small Business VoIP Plans – Why VoIP?

Are you tired of having a phone bill and an Internet provider bill? Why not combine the two for your small business? VoIP is a great solution for combining telephones and the Internet. Learn the 3 top small business VoIP plans and how to choose the right one for your business.

Different Types of Business Models for Startup Companies

Thinking of starting a new business? Before writing a business plan, figure out what your business model will be. Find out the types of business models and how to lay the groundwork for what products and/or services your business will sell, what customers it will sell to and how it will reach them.

Finding Living Expense Grants While Student Teaching

Most traditional forms of financial aid do not cover students who are doing a practicum as part of their degree. Find out about available financial aid that can be used as living expense grants for those completing their student teaching assignment.

How to Replace Lost Birth Certificate Documents

If you have lost, damaged, or had your birth certificate stolen, you need to know how to replace a lost birth certificate. Learn how to apply for a new one, what information you need, and how much it costs. Keep your birth certificate safe and secure to prevent someone from stealing your identity.