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Microsoft Windows: Love it, hate it – one thing is for sure; it holds the largest market share among operating systems on the market today. This Bright Hub channel offers Microsoft Windows tutorials and tips for getting the most from your computer and your software. From tips on how to edit your windows registry to advice on how to choose the Notebook PC that’s right for you, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge written by experienced technology writers and Microsoft MVPs.Managing Editor J. F. Amprimoz will help you navigate through the myriad choices on the market today. He and his writers will offer computer buying guides and candid software reviews designed to arm you with the knowledge you need before you click the buy button at an online store.You’ll find a multitude of Microsoft Windows tutorials, Vista tips and how-to articles. This newest version of Windows is available in Windows 7. We’ll explain the pros and cons of each edition and help you make the correct choice when upgrading your operating system or buying a new PC, and once you own your version, we’ll help you learn all the newest features.Join the Windows community at Bright Hub and ask questions, offer advice, or make suggestions for additional topics and articles you’d like us to cover. We look forward to sharing our Windows experience with you!

Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS Review: Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS is essentially a deleted-data recovery product whose real value can’t be measured in dollars, but rather over time, with each successful recovery process you make. But if you’ve experienced data loss due to a drive failure, chances are good Stellar Phoenix will find it.

DriveClone 3 Pro Review: Hard drive imaging and cloning

If you decide to give DriveClone 3 Pro a spin, proceed with caution and be sure you back up your computer’s hard drive before you even attempt to install it to your computer. My advice, however: don’t waste your time fiddling around with this application.

Search and Recover 4 Review – How to Undelete Applications With Ease

Search and Recover 4 from iola easily covers data forensics, accidental deletes, or help desk work. Use Search and Recover 4 on your hard drives, media player or camera. It even works on DVD-RW and CD-RW discs. What a handy tool to have ready for an IT department or even for personal use.

Alcohol 120% DVD Software Review

Alcohol 120% goes above and beyond standard backup software titles. If you’re tired of paying for applications that do the minimum, Alcohol 120% is for you. Once you go virtual drive, you’ll never go back.