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10 Super Sparkly Backgrounds for DTP Projects

written by: Michael Guerrero•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/17/2010

Sparkles happen in a lot of different and amazing ways. Fire, water, stars - you name it, it sparkles. If you're interested in the shiny bright lights that continue to dazzle and mystify us all and want to put them to use in your DTP projects, this article has the sparkly backgrounds that you need.

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    Sparkly Backgrounds

    Remember the last time you looked at water and saw millions of little sparkles as the sun rose or set? Beautiful, right? You may not realize that you're looking at sparkles. As unfortunate as it may be, sparkles have gravitated away from being natural to fake looking. Revolting thoughts. Not to worry though, because we have gathered up some beautiful sparkly backgrounds that were photographed and created with a lot of taste.

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    Dew The Dew

    Dew on grass. Water is probably one of the most sparkly substances on the planet. When dew buds are able to stay small they can look amazing against sunlight. This background invokes the senses. The smell of the wet grass, the cool air surrounding you in the morning. It's a great photograph to start off with and I hope you find a lot of uses for it.

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    Dew Laden Webs

    Spider web. Spider webs themselves are sparkly, prismatic wonders on their own and adding dew to the picture only makes them look more incredible and impressive than they already were. If you happen to like spiders, or just really like geometric shapes to go along with your sparkly background, that's weird. But, weird is good and that's why I included this image just for you.

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    Sparkle, Sparkle Little Star

    Andromeda Galaxies Twinkle? Sparkle? It's one in the same. Stars are some of the most beautiful things you will ever see in your life time. Tiny pin pricks of light in the sky that are so incredibly far away, but make the night sky so vivid and bright.

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    Sparkles From Infinity And Beyond

    Perseid and the Milky Way Looking to the sky from different parts of the world on different days reveals different parts of our galaxy which is why stars end up in this article several times. Look into the night sky and tell me it wouldn't serve the perfect sparkly background for your project. I mean you could, that's why I included several other examples of sparkly things in this article for you to sample.

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    Sparkler. No Fourth of July celebration is complete without them. They even have sparkle in the name, how can you go wrong? They are fountains of beautiful sparkles that both kids and adult enjoy. This picture in particular has been treated to a long exposure shot so you get to see the full life of the sparkler as it dances around and create sparks in a pitch black.

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    Sparkle Bulb Wallpaper by JennyRiot

    Sparkle Bulb Wallpaper by jennyriot Glitter is sparkly, this is an undisputed fact of the universe. When attached to objects tastefully it creates a sparkly wonder and when lights are added to the picture it creates really interesting shots that you otherwise wouldn't see without the add of a little of the craft world chicken pox. This picture in particular is great if you're gearing up for the holidays but even if you're not it's a really well done picture and I would use it for other projects not holiday related.

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    Summer Sparkle by Fzang

    Summer Sparkles by Fzang What we have here is a natural picture that has some digital touches added to it. Nothing overpowering, just enhancing. It's enchanting really how clean and natural looking everything looks in this picture and I hope you feel the same way.

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    A Little Digital

    Sparkle by Shadow Trance I'm guilty of liking a little bit of digital sparkle, but only if it's done tastefully like this picture here. Colors, sparkles, and it's not faking about being digital or just a glorified lens flare. There is tons of space to add your creative mark for whatever project you might be using this sparkle background for, so get to it!

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    Ocean Wave

    Ocean waves Next time you get the chance, look into a wave, especially when the sun's light is hitting it just right so that it has the ability to refract through the water droplets. Waves create fine mists of primsmatic colors as they crash into beaches or back into the ocean which create magnificent light shows. This is a pretty good example of that and free for your use if you choose so.

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    Sparkling Sand

    Sand and water meet. Often times people think of sand as more of a dusty, unruly beast. But, if you've ever looked at sand at length (it's a fun hobby) you will notice it has some sparkly qualities to it.When wet it's even more noticeable, on top of already sparkling water you have the perfect combination. This image exemplifies that relationship fairly well. The photograph is very nice and clean and you should have no trouble taking it and making it your own.

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