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Four More Free Christmas Fonts

written by: Thursday Bram•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 9/29/2009

There are so many free fonts available to use on your Christmas projects. Here are four more of our favorites.

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    Using Christmas Fonts

    These Christmas fonts can be used in a variety of desktop publishing projects. If you've been considering designing your own holiday cards to send out to friends, family or clients, these fonts may be perfect for writing your Christmas message. They're also useful for many other holiday projects, such as invitations to Christmas parties or flyers for a Christmas sale.

    Another good project is designing your own Christmas decorations. They can help you create a sense of the Christmas spirit both at home and in the office, without spending money on Christmas banners and other decorations that you'll only use once.

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    It seems like everybody wears Santa caps when the holidays roll around — why should your letters be any different? In the Bonnet typeface, the letters, numbers and even the punctuation all have caps of their own. The creator of Bonnet provided only capital letters along with limited punctuation, so it's most useful as a title font. These letters can add a little holiday cheer to posters, cards and more. The letters are bold, making them easier to read than many other title fonts.

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    If a Santa hat seems like a good start, but you want a little more variety in your font, consider Kringle. The capital letters in this typeface are decorated with Santa caps, but the lower case letters have bows and holly for a change of pace. Kringle is a complete font: it not only comes with a full set of symbols, it also as both upper and lower case accented letters. A few of the accented letters are a little difficult to read — it can be hard to tell the difference between a hat and a tilde — but overall, Kringle is a legible font and ideal for most Christmas projects.

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    Xmas Trees

    Xmas Trees
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    Xmas Trees

    In the Xmas Trees font, letters are inset into stylized evergreen trees, perfect for a hint of Christmas time. While the Xmas Tree typeface is limited to capital letters and numbers (no lower case numbers, symbols or punctuation), it can be ideal for short text, like the text of a Christmas card or other holiday message. Xmas Tree can really stand out with a color change, as well. Why not color the Christmas trees green, or alternate with red and green?

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    Bodie MF Holly

    Bodie MF Holly
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    Bodie MF Holly

    For a retro Christmas font, Bodie MF Holly is a great choice. The font mimics the hand drawn letters used by illustrators in the past, spruced up with a few holly leaves and snowflakes. Bodie MF Holly is an incomplete font: it includes upper case letters, numerals and punctuation marks. Even without additional characters, though, Bodie MF Holly is more than capable of adding a little holiday sparkle to your desktop publishing project.

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    Even More Christmas Fonts

    You can find even more free holiday fonts on the Dafont website. Dafont maintains a list of Christmas fonts — they have over 80 you can download for free.

Free Christmas Fonts

Are you planning any Christmas projects? Maybe you're designing your own card or need an invitation for a Christmas party. No matter what you are putting together for Christmas, though, you can find free Christmas fonts to use in your project.
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  2. Four More Free Christmas Fonts