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Real Estate Brochure Design Tips

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 2/23/2010

Looking for some helpful real estate brochure design tips to help you create more effective marketing material so you can target your potential buyers, sell available real estate, or showcase your realtor skills? This article compiles some great information about designing a real estate brochure.

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    Results Oriented Design Tactics

    Real estate brochure design involves so many details that you have to consider and decide upon. For instance, you’ll first have to choose the how big, how many folds, do you want pockets in there. You have to decide on how much room for images, graphics, and logos in proportion to text you want on it along with colors. You want it to be eye grabbing without going over the top on pizzazz. Color schemes that entice and a glossy finish are usually good ideas.

    Your company logo and contact information are two things you don’t have to decide upon because they must be included on your brochure. But everything else about the design has to be carefully calculated to generate results. Start with high-quality, recent photography showcasing the best features of the property taken in the best light. Similarly, if this brochure is designed to showcase an individual realtor or Real Estate Agency you’ll want to offer your credentials and experience backed by numbers or testimonials along with the head shots subtly placed. Your wording should reflect professionalism and commitment along with the personal touch. A concise anecdote or personal story might be appropriate.

    Looking at examples and samples that are available online will give you ideas on what you like and don’t like but adding your personal flair is a big part of this too. There are many Graphic Design companies that you can find to outsource this project to. You just hand them your ideas and they do the rest. Renard Advertising & Design is one such firm specializing in designing marketing material for commercial real estate firms and they handle everything; design, photography, printing, and even delivering. This company has some premier accounts in the Real Estate arena so take a look at some of the great samples they showcase on their website.

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    Stellar Resources for your Real Estate Brochure Design Project

    There are sites that offer online design software that you can use to integrate your own ideas with on one of their available templates to customize the design you like for yourself. Microsoft Office Online, and HP Creative Studio offer these online creative services.

    For the scenarios when you only want to showcase maybe one house than of course you'll want to use a scaled down, preferably cheaper piece of marketing material. Flyers are certainly effective and you can put all the details of the house along with a few pictures of it right on one piece of paper. I direct you to read Free Real Estate Flyer Template for one of the easiest methods to get that done with no costs. Having flyers on hand for the houses you are selling is always a good idea and they should be available at every piece of real estate listed for the potential drive-by clients.

    We also have a good solution for the budget-conscious looking for the cheapest manner in creating some direct mail postcards to try and stimulate some business that way. Read How to Make a Postcards for Real Estate Marketing Using Microsoft Word Templates for some quick and easy instructions on how to prospect for clients using the customizable templates located here.

    One last link to aide anyone looking to sell real estate is at Need a Template for an Open House Flyer? Now that's a quick and easy way to get the word out for an open house. With all these resources and the above tips you are now ready to create a brochure that best suits your needs to maximize results. If you have a particular DTP software in mind to use for this project, keep in mind that this Bright Hub channel likely has a tutorial on how to do just that so use our search function to find it.

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