Five Free Rubber Stamp Effect Fonts

Written by:  S.A. Coggins • Edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick
Updated Mar 22, 2015
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Do you need a rubber stamp effect for your latest desktop publishing project? There are several free stamp fonts available out there. Here are just five of the most interesting ones we've found.

Artistic and Crafty Rubberstamp Fonts

I'm a big fan of artistic and crafty typography. Some of my favorite types are those that create a rubber stamp effect. They're great for creating headers, banners, titles, logos, and other similar type of projects.

In this collection, I share with you some really interesting rubber stamp fonts. They're all available as free downloads. So, if you like the look of them, visit the download page and click on the 'download' button that you find on that page.

Have fun making your next desktop publishing project using these fonts.

A Bite Font


A Bite Font has a great grunge effect without being too messy looking. This free stamp font by Billy Argel comes in a mixture of upper and lowercase letters. It also has a number of symbols available. It will be a great addition to your typography collection.

Download A Bit Font

Chinese Rocks

Chinese Rocks Font 

Chinese Rocks is a free font for both business and personal use, designed by Raymond Larabie. Its edges are crisp and clear, and it includes both numbers and symbols.

Download Chinese Rocks

Mailart Rubberstamp Font


K-Type's free stamp font creates an interesting faux rubber stamp effect. Both upper and lowercase types yield all capital letters, with the uppercase version appearing bigger than the lowercase version. It also has several punctuation and symbols available.

Download Mailart Rubberstamp Font

Monbijoux Font


Monbijoux is a very decorative free stamp font. For some reason, it makes me think of carnivals and fancy French theatre. I'm not sure why. In any case, it's primarily available in all capital letters, with some symbols and punctuation marks.

Download Monbijoux Font

Stamped Out Font


Stamped Out is a free stamp font that has both uppercase and lowercase letters available. The letters create an inky stamp effect. The font also comes with numbers and a couple of symbols.

Download Stamped Out Font

Emailing Documents With Your New Fonts

You can easily use these fonts to create documents or brochures that you are going to print and reproduce. However, remember that if you send an email to someone using a special and your recipient does not have that font installed on his computer, it will appear to be done in a standard font on his end. You can remedy this by sending your recipient the link to the download; once he installs it, he will see the font just as you do.

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