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Four Free Valentine's Day Fonts

written by: Thursday Bram•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 2/1/2012

When February rolls around each year, you send out valentines. If you're creating your own, one of the hardest parts can be finding fonts that work with the design you have in mind. These four free fonts were created with Valentine's Day in mind and are perfect for a wide variety of DTP projects.

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    Fiolex Girls

    Fiolex Girls is romantic font: the letterforms hint at a fancy script and its capital letters are adorned with hearts. The lowercase 'i' and 'j' are even dotted with extra-small fonts. FiolexGirls Unlike many other elegant fonts, however, this typeface is unusually easy to read.

    The font is fairly complete, missing only a few accented letters that are not routinely used. You could easily use this font for body text — at least on Valentine's Day or other romantic occasion.

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    Sexy Rexy Smitten

    Sexy Rexy Smitten
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    Sexy Rexy Smitten

    If you're in need of a few small images, Sexy Rexy Smitten has over fifty that are ideal for a valentine. This dingbat font does not have letters, but instead offers a whole set of hearts, kisses and other romantic images that you can use in text for your desktop publishing projects. While this set focuses primarily on hearts — it is for Valentine's Day, after all — there is an impressively wide variety of different hearts included in it.

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    MC Sweetie Hearts

    MC Sweetie Hearts
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    MC Sweetie Hearts

    For a few extra hearts on your page, consider MC Sweetie Hearts. This typeface is a fun script font with more than its fair share of hearts. It's ideal for titles, but is less useful for text: it has only a limited set of symbols and does not include any accented letters. It's also just not legible enough to be useful for large text sections.

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    Words of Love

    Words of Love
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    Words of Love

    Words of Love offers a fun font for your valentines. It doesn't have quite as many hearts as other Valentine's Day fonts but does have a few curls accenting its letters and creating an informal feel. The font includes only uppercase letters — there are no numerals or symbols included. Despite that fact, this font can be very useful in titles and headlines.

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    More Free Valentine's Day Fonts

    If these four fonts aren't quite right for the Valentine's Day projects you're planning on sending out, don't worry. There are many more Valentine's typefaces available for free. Font sites like Dafont even maintain separate lists of fonts just for Valentine's Day. There are even a few more dingbat fonts available. You can download these fonts for both Macintosh and Windows computers.

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