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10 Free Printable Flyers to Promote Your Band

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 8/31/2011

You want to let fans know where you will be performing whether you travel the world or play at the same venue every week. Social networking and word of mouth are great tools, but eye-catching flyers will still help bring in the crowds. Customize these templates and print as many as you need.

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    Using These Templates

    You can personalize and use any or all of the following 10 free band flyer templates however you wish, provided you have either or both Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher installed on your computer.

    To view a flyer, click on the related image to enlarge it. Once you find the template you want, click on the corresponding Download Page link in the References section at the end of the article. On the download page, click the Download button to save the file and open it in Word or Publisher. Be sure to save the flyer where you can easily locate it once you have made changes so that you can use it again in the future.

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    Make Flyers in Word

    If you are using MS Word to make a flyer for your band, there are five different templates that you can download. The templates are saved in the .dotx file format, which works in either Word 2007 or 2010. If you are using Word 2003, you can still download and customize these templates. All you need to do is install the MS Office Compatibility Pack first.

    Battle of the Bands 

    Most of the flyers advertise a single, specific band, but if you want to announce a multitude of musicians you might appreciate the Battle of the Bands template. A chipped brick wall serves as the background of the flyer, with a large white starburst at the top for the title and a long white scroll down the page to list band names or other information.

    The Black aBlack and Blue Heart nd Blue Heart flyer has a tattoo-like design with a denim-blue background and a black heart surrounded by scrolling vines and leaves, feathered wings, flowers and stars. There is a text box at the top of the page for the tour name, date or other details. Simply click inside of the box and type over the sample text. Another similar text box is at the bottom. Replace the WordArt object across the center of the page with your band name by clicking on it and selecting the text. Type over it with your own text and click outside of the object.

    Neon Band Flyer 

    The Neon Flyer design features a guitar down the left side of the page, which is in landscape orientation, and iridescent colors across the background. Replace the WordArt object across the top of the page with your band name by selecting the sample text and typing over it. Do the same with the sample text in the two text boxes on the page as well.

    Notepad Flyer 

    You might want something a little less "rock star-like." Check out the Notepad Flyer, which looks like a doodled in notebook. At the top of the lined pages is a WordArt object in a handwriting font for your band name. Along with clipart graphics that look like scribbled butterflies, hearts and rainbows is a cloud shape with a text box into which you can type information. Another text box sits beneath a pencil image, so that when you type into it, the pencil appears to rest over the text.

    The final option to use in Microsoft Word is the Rocking Guitar flyer. With a black background and colors similar to the Neon Flyer, this template has a guitarist jumping through the air Rocking Guitar Band Flyer with an oversized speaker behind him, a crowd of fans below him and colorful bubbles and lines all around. Click on the sample Band Name WordArt object to select and replace it with your own group's moniker. Select the lime green text in the Details Here text box to enter any pertinent information.

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    MS Publisher Templates

    Brown Stars Band Flyer Prefer to use Publisher? You have five unique options, as well. The Brown Stars Band Flyer is a simple yet eye-catching template in a brown color scheme, which you can easily change. In Publisher 2003 or 2007, go to the Format menu and select Color Schemes to select a different set of colors in the Color Scheme task pane. In Publisher 2010, go to the Page Design tab and choose an option in the Schemes group. There are multiple text boxes on this template as well, so that you can enter as much information as you'd like.

    Green Boxes Band Flyer 

    The Green Boxes template is another option with a specific color scheme that you can customize, if desired. The green boxes on this page each feature a rock band-related image, such as a drummer, a singer, a guitarist and a group of excited fans. You can use these clipart images or replace them with graphics of your own band. To do so, right-click an image, select Change Picture and insert the image file you want to use. There is a text box for your band name and another one for other information.

    Spiked Egg Band Flyer 

    The Spiked Egg band flyer template might fill the bill if you are seeking something a bit more unconventional and striking. A red and black gradient-filled WordArt object runs vertically down the right side of the flyer. In Publisher 2003 or 2007, change the text to your band name by clicking on the WordArt to bring up the WordArt toolbar. Click on Edit Text, type the text you want and click OK. In Publisher 2010, click on the object and go to the Format tab under WordArt Tools. Click on Edit Starburst Band Flyer Text, type the text you want and click OK. There is a text box on the lower left side for more information, as well.

    The Starburst Band Flyer features a gradient gray page background and a gradient blue and white starburst behind the sillhouettes of a guitarist, a vocalist and a sax player. If you wish to change the background color or pattern, go to the Format menu in Publisher 2003 or 2007 and select Background. In Publisher 2010, go to the Page Design tab and click Background in the Page Background group. Select the option you want, or choose No Background to Transparent Guitar Band Flyer remove it. There are two WordArt objects at the top of the page: one for your band name and one for the name of your current tour. Follow the steps in the previous paragraph to change the text. There is a sample promoter logo that you can replace by right-clicking and selecting Change Picture. At the bottom of the page is a text box into which you can type important details.

    The final option is the Transparent Guitar Band Flyer, which sports a washed-out image of an electric guitar behind transparent bands in differing shades of green and gray. There are text boxes for your band's name, the tour name and date, the location and any other information that you want to get the word out about.

    Choose the template that best fits your band's personality and style, or download them all and play with them to come up with a handful of truly one of a kind flyers.