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Best Samsung Bada Applications

written by: mohseen•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/31/2011

Bada is the brand new propriety OS (operating system) from Samsung. Aiming to take a bite out of Android and Apple's free app market here is a list of the top ten free Bada apps.

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    The Samsung Bada OS is a high end smartphone operating system currently running on the Samsung Wave S 8500, Samsung Wave 2 S 8530, Samsung Wave S 5250, Samsung S 7230E, Samsung Wave 5330 and the Samsung S 5750 models.

    It is perfectly optimized on the Samsung Wave and Wave 2 so keep in mind that all these apps run best on the two models while some apps run exclusively on these two models.

    This allows the phone to support cool looking and quality free third party applications (apps) for play and work.

    The following is a top ten list of free Samsung Bada apps.

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    1.Magic Torch

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    It's dark, you don't have a flashlight, you're upset because you need find something but you cant, now what? Wait you have a phone that runs Bada don't you? You can simply install Magic Torch!

    This is a very handy utility app that turns your phone into a flashlight using the phone’s flash function.

    It has four modes: standard light bulb, ecological light bulb, neon light bulb, and white screen.

    It should be noted that this app works best with the Samsung Wave and Samsung Wave 2 and is a battery vampire.

    (Models: Samsung Wave 1,2)

    [Download Link]

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    BatteryLife is a very cool app that goes hand in hand with Magic Torch, it lets you check the progress of your battery in accordance with what Bada apps and functions are currently running.

    It has a simple and fun interface combined with bilingual support in English or Chinese that automatically sets itself to whichever language the phone currently is on.

    It also comes with options to save power based on the prevailing factors such as Wi-Fi usage, 2G or 3G network usage, music player, etc.

    Definitely a worthwhile app to download for heavy phone users, don’t miss it.

    (Models: Samsung Wave 1,2)

    [Download Link]

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    IconImage 20100611112026588 NEW WEB SHOT2 HALF 

    This Bada app should be on any ladies must have list. It allows you to use your phone's screen as a mirror for any event.

    Keeping yourself fresh and good looking for meetings, dates and any other event is a breeze with this app.

    It's simple, fun, effective and you can say goodbye to your mirror from now on.

    The language support for this app is 25 languages which is truly quite a lot indeed.

    (Models: Samsung Wave 1,2)

    [Download Link]

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    IconImage 20101022163754473 NEW WEB SHOT2 HALF 

    Fed up of mosquitoes buzzing all about? Hate sleeping in your protection net? xUltrasound has come up with an innovative app to help repel mosquitoes or just have some general fun with ultrasounds.

    It emits an ultrasound wave that can get rid of mosquitoes, annoy friends, or just do anything fun with ultrasound technology.

    You might not hear it very well on high volume if your using it to get rid of bugs, so reducing the volume or using the app via speakers is recommended.

    (Models: Samsung Wave S 8500, Samsung Wave 2 S 8530, Samsung Wave S 5250, Samsung S 7230E, Samsung Wave 5330 and the Samsung S 5750).

    [Download Link]

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    IconImage 20101014044611130 NEW WEB SHOT3 HALF 

    As the name suggests this Bada app provides illusions and fun optical brain twisters that have existed on Google illusions and other places on the internet for sometime. Now you can have it all in your phone.

    It is a very fun way to impress and have fun with friends and kill time when you're bored or have nothing to do.

    (Models: Samsung Wave S 8500, Samsung Wave 2 S 8530, Samsung Wave S 5250, Samsung S 7230E, Samsung Wave 5330 and the Samsung S 5750)

    [Download Link]

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    Our top ten free Bada apps round up continues with Compass. Compass does exactly what a traditional compass does. Point north.

    Using what the phone perceives as magnetic north it can make sure you never get lost in the wilderness, backyard, or street.

    Using a funky old map interface and smooth motions this is a quick directional app that everyone should have handy.

    (Models: Samsung Wave 1,2)

    [Download Link]

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    7.World Beats

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    World Beat is an app that lets you make your own custom made ringtones.

    Using a very simple and easy drag and drop interface which involves selecting various national flags and sampling a sound bite from the respective flag, if you like the sound bite just drop into the bar and have fun mixing it up!

    The potential of making an original ringtone is as high as 142,506 and beyond.

    A truly fun, easy and creative app Beat World is definitely a really cool Bada app to have and impress with.

    (Models: Samsung Wave 1,2)

    [Download Link]

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    IconImage 20101008113722315 NEW WEB SHOT2 HALF 

    A simple and effective GPS locator that shows your location in realtime with the aid of Google maps.

    Options include map view, satellite view, or hybrid, which is a combination of the map and satellite views.

    Setting are customizable to be connected through Wi-Fi or 3G and even just plain EDGE networks.

    It's plain, simple and effective.

    (Models: Samsung Wave S 8500, Samsung Wave 2 S 8530, Samsung Wave S 5250, Samsung S 7230E, Samsung Wave 5330 and the Samsung S 5750 models)

    [Download Link]

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    IconImage 20100831202752259 NEW WEB SHOT1 HALF 

    SmartRunner is Bada’s answer the popular iPhone app RunKeeper.

    Keeping track of your mileage, calories burnt, route while exercising in realtime is easy, fun and effective on SmartRunner.

    Geo tagging and a complete system for you to update and upload to all social networking sites to let your friends know your stats is fast and easy.

    You can can upload your stats to and you will need to register an account on the website.

    (Models: Samsung Wave 1,2)

    [Download Link]

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    IconImage 20101016083313919 NEW WEB SHOT1 HALF 

    WalkAndWrite is the text addict's dream app.

    The innovation in this app is the fact that it shows you where you're going while you walk.

    It keeps your text in the foreground while showing you where you're walking using the camera.

    (Models: Samsung Wave S 8500, Samsung Wave 2 S 8530, Samsung Wave S 5250, Samsung S 7230E, Samsung Wave 5330 and the Samsung S 5750 models)

    [Download Link]

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