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About Me

My varied experience in Project Management has given me the expertise to write articles on management, self improvement, environment, and a lot of other topics. I have been writing extensively on various subjects and have been widely published on the internet.

A proven track record of completing difficult projects on schedule and on tight budgets. An ability to work in upstream locations with limited communications and scant logistical support. Excellent interpersonal skills, a professional attitude, and firm personality to manage projects independently or as a team member.

My Experience

  1. General Manager (Projects), Kalpataru Constructions, Mumbai, September 1994 to September 1998.
  2. General Manager, Suraj Gas,Mumbai, August 1992 to August 1994.
  3. General Manager, Deshmukh Builders, Mumbai, August 1988 to August 1992.
  4. Chief Engineer, Lokhandwala Consultants, Mumbai, September 1984 to August 1988.
  5. General Manager, Al Shirawi Group of companies, Dubai, Baghdad, Riyadh, June 1980 to May 1984.
  6. Project manager, Eastern Limited, Sharjah, September 1976 to June 1980.
  7. Civil Engineer, TATA Motors, Jamshedpur, Mumbai, June 1960 to September 1976. Worked in various positions, joining them initially as a Trainee.

My Latest Articles

  • Building Homes with Natural Materials

    Naturally occurring building material is best used in the areas where they occur. Among these are wood, stone, mud or clay, lime and naturally growing grasses like bamboo and straw. All these materials can be used by themselves or in combination with...
    Published on  August 28, 2011 to Green Living

  • Developments in Power from Tidal Energy

    Tidal energy is used to convert the energy in tides into other forms of energy that are useful to mankind, mainly in the form of power through electricity. Such tidal energy had also been used earlier by tide mills mainly to drive flour mills and such...
    Published on  August 23, 2011 to Renewable Energy

  • Low Cost Housing Can Help to Provide Shelter to Millions

    Low cost housing can lead to more people being able to live in better conditions than the slums that a vast majority of urban population in cities around the world seems to have to contend with. This can definitely help to improve the quality of life...
    Published on  August 16, 2011 to Green Living

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