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About Me

Born in the windswept prairies of Manitoba, Jean moved with his family when young to the Niagara region. At about that time his father bought an XT and his little hands were called into play whenever a hardware issue came up, giving Jean the unique perspective of growing up inside of a computer enclosure. Subsequently I have proven that you can take the boy out of the computer (between the move to mobile computing and me growing up it was bound to happen).

My Awards & Certifications

Like many people I hold an Honours University degree that has nothing to do with the work I am doing, mine happens to be in Math. I also hold a Derivatives Market Specialist designation from the Canadian Securities Institute. Those jobs usualy go to people who are good at towing the line though. Luckily I avoided interest derivative banking and chose the relitively stable and reputable field of online publishing. The times they are a changing.

My Experience

Over 25 years of building PC's then communicating and playing games on them, I would be more specific but I am pretty vain and not about to let you hone in on my age that closely. I also have some background in IT budgeting and tech support. In my over three years at Bright Hub I have been fortunate to work with some truly brilliant people on the front lines of technological and media news as it breaks both online and in person at events like CES and MIGS/SIJM

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