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Eighty Six, also known as David Klenda, is a poet, journalist, cook and cocktail maker. He supports his wife and sons with a combination of freelance writing and hospitality. Flexible and adaptable by nature, he accepts all writing challenges. His ebooks are available at Smashwords and Amazon. Follow him on Twitter as @86ThePoet. See what he’s up to at Eighty Six the Poet.

He prefers a pen-name because he'd like to be rich but never famous. He likes an obvious pen-name so there's no doubt about the fictitiousness.

My Latest Articles

  • Understanding the Car Buying Process

    Buying a house and buying a car are the two biggest purchases a person ever makes. So you need a car? You will be living with this decision for a long time, so do it right.
    Published on  February 9, 2016 to Personal Finance

  • How to Make Freelance Writing Your Business

    Look online and you will see lots of pictures and videos, but mostly words. Heaps and piles of words. You know what? Someone was paid to write most of them. Why not you? You are already an expert on a few topics. Can you enlighten someone on science...
    Published on  February 1, 2016 to Entrepreneurs

  • Studying Abroad for Free

    Studying abroad will shape you in a number of ways. You will learn things you never would have if you had stayed home. When you are young and unattached, you should travel. Besides, you just might save a bunch of money.
    Published on  September 17, 2015 to College

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