• Joomla Developer: A Viable Career?

    Joomla is supposed to be a tool designed for anyone to use, but is it really? Content updates can be managed by almost anyone, but most businesses require ongoing programmer support for feature customization, making Joomla programming a new and exciting...
    By sherisaid July 31, 2010 

  • Why Should I Use Web Standards?

    If you're new to web developing and don't understand why you really need to learn and use web standards, here are some compelling reasons to do so. If you're already using web standards, these are good justification arguments, in case it ever...
    By sherisaid July 11, 2010 

  • Will Web Site Builders Make Web Designers Redundant?

    There are web designers, who fear that web site builders will drive them out of business. Are those fears groundless?
    By Ada Stoy June 17, 2010 

  • The Art Institute: Web Design Diploma

    Looking for a program that will help you decide if you should go to school for web design and development? The Web Design Diploma program at the Art Institute will provide you with just that. Read on to find out more about the program.
    By Lucinda Watrous June 12, 2010 

  • Web Developer: Finding a Niche To Showcase Your Development Skills

    Starting a business as a web developer can be difficult. Without a portfolio and references, the only thing you can offer is skill and imagination. Showcase that by developing a niche product - a website designed to meet the needs of a specific type of...
    By sherisaid June 9, 2010 

  • Pushing the Envelope: Interactive Web Design

    Interactive web design is about creating the next generation of information collection or the next viral web obsession. It has to be fresh, creative, relevant, and above all, innovative.
    By sherisaid June 6, 2010 

  • Understanding Web Site Development Careers: How Much Graphic Design Should you Know?

    The level of graphic design skills web designers need depends on the individual and their job. While web designers are creative people with technical skills, they might not have enough skills with graphics. What graphic design skills are needed in web...
    By Sheila Robinson May 20, 2010 

  • Can You Make Money as a Domain Reseller?

    Have you ever considered being a domain reseller? They do make money; but how much money they make depends on several factors. There are several different companies that offer domain reseller packages as well. Starting a domain reseller website...
    By Nicholas May 19, 2010 

  • Strategies for Learning Web Design

    To stay marketable as a web designer, it is important to constantly improve your skills and knowledge to remain competitive. Learning web design strategies can help you balance incorporating new ideas without taking away time from work. Here are some...
    By Sheila Robinson May 19, 2010 

  • Should You Use for Web Design Projects?

    Elance is a popular project bidding website. It is a reverse online auction environment where the winning bid can be the lowest. If you are building a portfolio or trying to find new clients for web design, programming, sales or writing opportuntiies...
    By Sheila Robinson May 14, 2010 
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