Complete Guide to Symptoms

Photo Credit: use symptoms to narrow down diagnosis options. They are the clues doctors and health care providers use to identify and treat most illness and disease.

Patients are starting to educate themselves on common symptoms to ensure they are prepared to make better health care choices. With the rise in alternative treatments, many people are choosing to learn more about conditions they suffer from and expect to become an active part in health plan decisions and treatment options.

This guide offers the best articles on Bright Hub covering symptoms for various conditions. Readers can learn common, rare, mild, moderate, and severe symptoms as well as treatment options they can discuss with their primary care physician. People have the power over health care if they educate themselves on the disease and illness process in the body.

Latest Articles on Symptoms
A Guide to Pallister-Hall Syndrome

The genetic disorder commonly referred to as Pallister-Hall Syndrome can cause severely abnormal growth and development defects in people who have a mutation in a particular zinc finger...

Work Well Always: Prevent and Cure Burnout

Burnout can cause missed work, inability to concentrate, and the feeling that every problem that comes up is impossible to solve. Curing burnout is a long-term commitment to a healthy...

Genetics of MODY

Does MODY affect your family? If so, read on to learn more about the genetics of MODY....

10 Parasites That Affect Humans

Are you looking for information on human parasites? Here we will discuss the 10 most common human parasites....

Most Popular Articles on Symptoms
    Is My CPU Failing? How to Find Out

    Processors are extremely reliable considering the stress they're put through, but that doesn't mean its impossible for them to fail. Let's have a look at a few symptoms that could indicate...

    Black Mold Symptoms & Blood Tests

    The mold species Stachybotrys chartarum has the potential to produce a toxin that can cause severe signs and symptoms in three stages. Read more to discover information on the black mold blood test and...

    How to Detect iPhone Spyware

    Detecting iPhone spyware may not be as easy as it sounds. However, it is worth the trouble. Pesky iPhone spyware can steal your data and personal conversations in addition to reducing battery life, increasing...

    Six Common Bacteria That Can Cause Human Illnesses

    While there are numerous ways humans can contract diseases, this article looks at six bad bacteria and the infections they cause. Discover ways you can spot and avoid some of these diseases....

    Laboratory Testing for Extractable Nuclear Antigens

    An ENA blood test is used to screen for autoimmune diseases. ENA stands for extractable nuclear antigen antibodies. It detects autoantibodies, which are molecules produced when the immune system attacks...

More About Symptoms
Parasite Symptoms in Humans

Parasitic infections can produce a wide range of symptoms, and parasite symptoms in humans often mimic other conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis. Read on to learn...

Ativan Withdrawal and Symptoms

Read below to learn some important facts about Ativan and the symptoms that come with withdrawal from it. Using this information can help you to avoid unpleasant and painful situations...

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