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Stocks, Stock Markets, and Investing: Professional financial advisors and smart investors know that the only way to beat inflation in the long-term is to invest in stocks. Understanding the basics of stock investing, like how stock prices work, what a stock market is, and how stock trading is handled by brokerages, is the foundation of successful stock investing. Whether your goals are short-term profits from rapid online trading, or long-term growth of your stock investments for retirement, this guide will help investors find useful investing tools. Everything from real-time stock tickers, to stock trading software, and online stock charts, are useful for making smart investment decisions. You will find helpful resources, reviews, and links here to guide you to the information you want and the tools you need.

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3 Ways to Win in a Flailing Market

Investors faced with a market influx sometimes behave like angst-ridden teenagers. When stocks are up, they’re cheerful and generous. But if the market’s struggling, they...

Must-Bookmark Guide to Understanding the Stock Market

There is so much information to absorb about the stock market and how it operates. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, there are always new things to learn. Whether...

Assessing Stock Prices With Dividends Using the Gordon Model

Should you invest in a particular stock? You can use the Gordon Model to determine the current and potential future returns for a particular stock based on previous dividends. This...

Should Your Portfolio Include Animalcare?

According the Humane Society of the United States, there approximately 78.2 million pet dogs and a whopping 86.4 million pet cats—that’s a lot of pets. Did you ever wonder...

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    Monitor the Stock Market with Your Android Phone

    Keep track of the stock market with an Android stock app. Some of the best rated stock tracking apps for Android phones include Stock Quote, Stock Watcher, and Stock Monitor. The MSN Money News app and...

    Defining and Understanding Redemption of Shares

    QFINANCE-The Ultimate Resource says redeemable shares are "stock that is issued on terms that may require it to be bought back by the issuer at some future date, at the discretion either of the issuer...

    How Investors Trade Assets in Primary and Secondary Markets

    Buying and selling securities such as stocks and bonds takes place in one of two markets. Learn about the difference between primary and secondary markets from the perspective of an investor....

    How to Calculate the Present Value of Uneven Cash Flows

    The present value of an annuity formula assumes equal cash flows at each time period. However, sometimes cash flows are not even. Learn how to use a formula to calculate the present value of uneven future...

    RAM Requirements to Install & Run Windows 7

    Although Microsoft prominently publishes the system requirements for Windows 7 on its website, there are some practical considerations to ponder when deciding how much RAM you need to run the new operating...

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Selecting Stocks by Class

Deciding if it is smart to choose to invest in Class A stocks requires some research. This is because the major difference between Class A and Class B stocks is typically found in the...

The Truth Behind Stock Photography - What You Should Know

You may have heard of Stock Photography, but did you know you can make money from it?...

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