Guide to Software Applications - System Software and Application Software

Guide to Software ApplicationsSoftware applications are defined as a set of programs, each designed to perform a specific task. The early software were developed in machine language (also known as binary coding) that only a handful of programmers knew. The machine language offers total control over the machine. Later, people started using high level languages that use English words to make it easy for programmers. BASIC was one among the early high level languages.

As of now, most programmers use Visual Studio containing Visual C++ and Visual Basic to create “application software" such as MS Office. Others use basic C++ for creating “system software" such as Unlocker. To further clarify the difference, you can assume application software as programs that work based on system software – just as you need Windows to use MS Office. In this case, Windows is system software while Office is Application Software.

This guide to Software Applications gathers reviews of different software in use today – all from a single place so that you need not go hunting on the Internet.

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