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classroomThere is so much planning that goes into a successful school year, and the writers at Bright Hub are here to help. We have gathered together the latest contributions from across the site, as well as articles that readers like yourself have shown to be the most popular. Whether you need a little help getting organized, or need some beginning of the year lesson plans, we have it here. Teaching is time consuming and sometimes it is a challenge to come up with new and creative ideas. Let us do some of the work for you with our guide to the school year.

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Greener Ways to Shop for the New School Year

It's hard to believe that school is almost back in session again. Once again, it's time to start stocking up on school supplies. If you are looking for ways to consider our...

Encouraging Students to have a Successful Year

Summer is coming to a close and many students start to get weary of the pressure of the upcoming school year. Help your child have a successful year....

Most Popular Articles on School Year
    Helping Children With Down Syndrome To Succeed In The Classroom

    Children with Down syndrome typically experience delays in cognitive development, but with proper support, they are able to participate in a mainstream classroom environment. Educators can encourage inclusion...

    The Meaning and Necessity of Prerequisites

    If you need to know just what does prerequisites mean, you’ll find the simple answer here. We define the prerequisite, talk about the major types you might encounter, and discuss planning out your...

    Resources for Free Printable Graduation Stationery

    Near the end of every school year, parents across the United States prepare for their children’s graduation. Here we take a look at five great resources for finding free printable graduation stationery...

    "The Kissing Hand" Activities for Your Preschool Classroom

    As preschoolers head to school, they often have a difficult time separating from their parents. The book "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn is the perfect way to show students how to cope with their...

    Facts About the Income Limits on Pell Grants

    What are the income limits on Pell Grants? This question is frequently asked by parents and students. Learn the correct answer and find out the limitations when being awarded a federal Pell Grant....

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Free Back to School Templates

It's almost time to head back to school and utilizing desktop publishing can help you prepare. Here we take a look at free templates you can use to get ready for this upcoming school...

How Much to Spend on School Clothes

Every year when the school year starts, parents run out on a shopping spree to replenish old and grown out of clothes for their kids. Do you ever stop and think, "How much should...