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When I was in graduate school, I supported myself by writing resumes for people. I helped professionals at every stage of the job continuum, from recent graduates to executives.
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Guide to Successful Resumes

In an age where more and more job applications are completed online, having a dynamic and effective resume is an absolute necessity. Learning how to write a successful resume can help you separate yourself from other job applicants and get a face-to-face interview with the people responsible for filling the position you want. This is important to remember -- all a resume is supposed to do is get you the opportunity to sell yourself in person to the management team responsible for deciding the next person to hold that position.

This guide includes advice for graduates just heading out into the career world, successful people looking to change careers, people who have hit a bump in the road professionally and need the best way to address that in their resumes, and people looking to stay in the same career but who need to relocate and pursue the same profession in a different part of the country -- or the world.

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