Your Guide to Recycling

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Welcome to the Guide to Recycling. This is your one-stop reference for articles and information on all aspects of recycling—we've gathered together dozens of the best articles in one place to make it easy for you to access all the knowledge you need.

The guide includes articles on topics like:

  • how to recycle
  • what to recycle
  • products made from recycled materials
  • how recycling affects the environment and the world around us
  • how to recycle large items like automobiles
  • Earth Day
  • how to get started
  • where to find recycled products

and much, much more.

The Guide to Recycling is constantly updated with new and popular articles, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back for updates.

Latest Articles on Recycling
Business Start-Up Ideas: Waste Recycling

The Environment Protection Agency estimates that a total of 243 million tons, or 4.24 pounds per person, of trash is generated per day, and that only 33 percent is recycled. The concern...

Creating Effective Household Sustainability

Learn some ways to bring real sustainability to your home....

Water Management in Space - How It's Done

Water recycling and reuse is extremely important aboard spaceships that must support life for long periods of time. Modern-day methods of purifying and recycling water can be used out...

The Ins and Outs of Apartment Recycling

It's hard to recycle at the apartment, especially if you live upstairs. You don't enjoy curbside pick-up like your house dweller counterparts, and often it's inconvenient...

Most Popular Articles on Recycling
    The Pros (and Cons) of Recycling's Impact on the Environment

    How does recycling affect the environment? What are the positive and negative effects of recycling on the environment? Wait - there are negatives from recycling? Do the questions ever stop?...

    Learn Good Recycling Habits with

    Not sure how to start living the recycling lifestyle? has the tools you need to get started easily....

    50 Unusual Things We can Recycle or Reuse from A-Z

    Most of us know the benefits of recycling and repurposing items. But when it comes to odd items like the toothbrush, it seems easier to just throw them away. Here is a list of 50 of those things that we...

    How to Recycle Brick and Concrete: The Ins and Outs of Concrete and Brick Recycling

    Old, broken, and used brick and concrete is just as valuable, if not more so, than virgin materials. How does concrete and brick recycling work? Learn how to recycle brick and concrete, to efficiently...

    Benefits of e-Waste Recycling

    Disposal of e-waste raises serious environmental and health issues. Recycling e-waste is not just a viable solution to eliminate the harmful effects of e-waste disposal, but a sound business proposition...

More About Recycling
Steps to Build a Home Recycling Center

The EPA has determined that approximately 75% of what we throw away can be recycled. Follow these simple steps to build a home recycling center to do your part to save the environment...

Introduction to Internal and External Recycling and How the Process Works

The basics of internal and external recycling methods. Learn how the recycling process works to take waste materials and make them into useful resources....