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The operating system is the core of any computer system and goes way beyond what you may expect. A tech savvy guy like me knows how to get max performance out of any OS - find out more in this guide!
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Guide to Operating System - Performance & Optimization

Operating system guideThe operating system manages all the a computer's hardware and software and helps the user interact with the computer system. Different versions of OS have different features, each one being better than another in some aspects. Some of the most common operating systems used are Mac, Windows or Linux.

This guide contains articles that will help you understand your operating system, how to make it work faster and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Also learn how to make the best use of OS features like remote connection, or run applications quickly, manage virtual memory and more. There are several ways to optimize your computer system and get the maximum performance out of it. All you need are the tutorials and tips in this guide.

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