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I'm actually looking forward to the release of the Wii U, as it looks fairly interesting. Downsides that I see are the handheld for only one player, as well as the non-backwards compatibility of playing GameCube games, something that the original Wii has.
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Research Guide to New Wii

Introduced at the 2011 E3 conference, Nintendo's new Wii system looks to be the leader in the eighth generation video game consoles.Guide to New Wii The console, known as the Wii U, comes with a handheld controller that has a touch screen interface that can hold additional information while the main gameplay appears on the home television screen. It also has the ability to turn into a handheld gaming device when the TV is turned off or is being used by someone else.

In this gaming guide, you will find information on this new Wii offered by Nintendo, the titles that will be featured, its new HD interface, and the new controller.