The Comple Guide to Operating Systems

windows 7 logoAre you looking to make the switch to the latest version of Windows, or maybe you are looking to try one of the many free Linux distributions that are available? Do you want to know the differences between Windows, Linux and MacOS? Then this guide to new operating systems is for you.

Here you will find articles that can advise you on whether or not to upgrade to Windows 7, what the differences are between the various version of Windows like XP, Vista and Windows 7, and how to install a distrubtion like Linux Mint.

Whether you are looking to switch to a new operating system, or just see what options are available, these articles have something for you.

Latest Articles on New Operating System
How To Install Mint Linux

Now that you have chosen Mint as your Linux of choice this piece that will help you to get the software installed on your computer. This piece shows you how to reboot your system to...

Most Popular Articles on New Operating System
    The Difference Between Windows XP and Windows 7

    On April 30 Microsoft released Windows 7 Release Candidate to MSDN subscribers and to the general public on May 1. Microsoft is practically giving the operating system away until March 2010. I installed...

    Resolving Windows 7 Update Problems

    If you are having problems with updates for Windows’ new operating system, read this article for possible solutions....

    How to Use Windows 7 AppLocker for Whitelisting

    Windows 7 is the new Operating System released by Microsoft. It has a feature called AppLocker and let us look at this feature in detail....

    Help! I Can't Install the Windows 7 Bluetooth Driver

    Problems installing a Windows 7 Bluetooth driver? This guide offers an alternative to the standard "install drivers from disc" process of hardware installation - use the Windows 7 drivers!...

    Windows 7 Security Tips: What to Do if Avast Does Not Load in Windows 7

    Avast! 5 is compatible to the new operating system, Windows 7 but if Avast will not start in Windows 7, you will need to troubleshoot by changing Avast settings. You need to ensure though that Avast...

More About New Operating System
How to Run Two Operating Systems on One Hard Drive

If you have ever wondered or need to know how to run two operating systems on one hard drive, then this article is for you. Taking you through the steps of multiple operating system...

Working with Applications Data – Windows 7 Tips

Looking for a folder in Windows 7 that you used to access in Windows XP? The new version of the operating system has some key changes - particularly to the file structure......

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