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Screenshot Windows Movie MakerWhat is Windows Movie Maker and how does one use it? Here in this guide find tips on using Movie Maker in Windows 7 and how to make the most of video and audio options.

Need to learn how to edit in Movie Maker? If so, we’ve got tips here that are guaranteed to not only get you started but become an expert. We’ll even help you with your camcorder so you can record, capture and import videos to Movie Maker.

Also in our guide, you’ll learn the future of what to expect from Windows on this great program along with tips on how to download, install and setup Movie Maker.

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Filming for Windows Movie Maker

Here are a few tips for preparing videos that will work best in Windows Movie Maker....

Putting Fade Transitions on Video in Windows Movie Maker

Fades are the most traditional of all transitions, and Windows Movie Maker allows special considerations to keep them in front of the entire transition library....

Using Pictures in Windows Movie Maker

A quick guide to importing and utilizing pictures in Windows Movie Maker....

Emailing Videos from Windows Movie Maker

Here is an easy way to export and send a video from Windows Movie Maker....

Most Popular Articles on Movie Maker
    5 Versions of Windows Movie Maker Running On Windows 7

    My first article about making movies in Windows 7 said you could add Microsoft's Windows Live Movie Maker, Movie Maker 2.6 and Photo Story 3 to the clean slate. Since the article...

    Windows Live Movie Maker - Editing

    You've gathered your pictures, video clips, and tunes. The editing phase is where you put them together in the sequence you want, and add audience pleasing visual transitions and effects....

    Troubleshooting Common Windows Movie Maker Problems

    Windows Movie Maker is a nice, generally free software program for creating your own films or editing home movies. But, with this freebie, you can run into some problems that pop up often. Learn how to...

    Windows 7 - Record-Capture-Import Camcorder Video

    Over 5 versions of Windows Movie Maker the word used to get video has changed 3 times. You Record camcorder video with MM1, Capture with MM2 and Import with MM6 and Windows Live. Let's see how each...

    Windows Live Movie Maker - Save Movie to Your Hard Drive

    Saving a movie to your hard drive is the only way to get a high quality one. You'll certainly want that if heading to a DVD. Although publishing to a website host leaves a copy behind on your hard...

More About Movie Maker
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Windows 7 users can download Microsoft's latest video creation and editing application for free. Part of the Windows Live set of applications, the program provides an easy and intuitive...

Pixelan's Wizards 4.0 for Movie Maker... Pan/Zoom PRO Tutorial

When I first explored the Pan/Zoom PRO features of Pixelan’s Wizards 4.0 for Movie Maker I was intrigued by the great viewing experience you can achieve by creatively mixing...

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