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Microsoft LogoMicrosoft needs no introduction. Almost 70 percent of computers world-wide use Microsoft’s operating system, Windows. What started as a small partnership venture between Bill Gates and Paul Allen, went on to become the largest software manufacturing company with several products to its name.

Initially into programming languages, Microsoft shot to fame when it created BASIC, an easy to use computer programming language for desktop computers. Soon after creating a sensation with BASIC, the company ventured into operating systems and came up with Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS). The company is now famous for its GUI based OS, Windows, several Office automation software programs, and cloud based applications that allow shared computing – SharePoint, Exchange Server, and Azure.

As the company is on its way to growth, the founders of Microsoft now seem to be at rest. Paul left his position as VC to handle the board of directors and Bill Gates seems more interested in his charity organization – The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Microsoft is now safe in the hands of Steve Ballmer, a trusted CEO who handles the day to day affairs of the company.

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