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Guide to Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 SuitesMicrosoft Office 2010 is the latest desktop based office automation software from Microsoft. This software suite is a giant step from Office 2003. Features include several options useful for both local and cloud-based computing. Microsoft introduced the Ribbon interface with selected applications in Office 2007 and now offers it in all the applications of 2010.

This latest offering comes in a number of Suites, starting from the basic Student edition to the Microsoft Office 2010 Ultimate edition. There is also a free Starter Edition, which contains only MS Word and MS Excel, that is available as pre-installed software on some PCs.

With Office 2010, Microsoft aims at grabbing a major share of cloud computing. The Suite contains features for storing files online from within any application via SharePoint, Live Workspace, and more. Though it offers limited features at the moment, this ability of allowing remote-working on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint may prove to be a setback for other players in the field, including Open Office and Google.

Check out this Microsoft Office 2010 Guide for more information on the software, from product comparisons to tips, tricks and troubleshooting guides.

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