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Exchange 2010 LogoMicrosoft Exchange Server is part of a communication and collaboration environment created by Microsoft that includes email, calendar, tasks, notes and contact management. Microsoft Exchange Server is usually accessed by a desktop application called Outlook, although Exchange does provide a web interface, access from mobile devices like smartphones, and the ability to work with traditional email applications using the POP and IMAP protocols.

This guide looks at the history of Microsoft Exchange Server, shows you how to use some of Exchange Servers features, and provides tips on how to synchronize contacts, email and calendar information with mobile devices like the Palm Pre.

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This articles explains in detail how to sync your outlook contacts and how to sync with Microsoft exchange server to your palm....

A Brief History of Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is a premier corporate messaging server solution. It has evolved with the needs and demands of Microsoft customers....

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    Microsoft Outlook was first released as part of Office 97. Since then it has worked through several different versions with improved features....

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    Setting Up an Exchange Client on Your Linux Machine

    One of the most popular email systems on the planet is Microsoft Exchange, which acts as the server side of a client-server system for managing emails and calendars. Windows and Mac users have Outlook;...

    Poll Friends and Colleagues With MS Outlook

    You may not be familiar with Outlook voting, but this feature allows you to poll coworkers or other recipients and decide anything from meeting times to where to go for lunch. Outlook will even keep track...

    How To Stop Backscatter Spam in Microsoft Exchange 2007

    This article will describe what is backscatter spam, and why it is common within Microsoft Exchange 2007....

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