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microsoft office logoMacros are used to automate a process in an application or operating system. They are most frequently used in office suites like Microsoft Office and Open to save the end user from manually having to run through a series of menus or keystrokes. But any application can be automated by a macro using third party software like Macro Express.

This guide will show you how to use macros in Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel and Powerpoint), and provides reviews for third party macro software that can be applied to any Windows application. You may also find some articles on camera macro lenses, used to photograph small objects and details.

Latest Articles on Macro
Maximizing the Potential of Microsoft Office With Macros

In order to get the most out of Microsoft Office it is important to understand its potential. Nothing expands that potential more than macros. The articles can bring you from a basic...

The Pros and Cons of Close-Up Photography Equipment

Taking close-up photographs is easier than ever now in the age of digital cameras, thanks to most cameras having built-in macro settings. If you really want to get in close, though...

Get Started With Coding for Microsoft Word VBA

Using macros in your work can improve your Microsoft Word experience – and of course save you some valuable time when editing your documents. Learn the advantages of using Ms...

Getting Creative With Microsoft Word: Using Macros to Generate a Whole Web Site

In the previous article in this series (part 4) I showed how Microsoft Word can be used to produce a website made up of multiple web pages, and emphasized that Word can do a...

Most Popular Articles on Macro
    Working with Macros in Excel 2007

    In this Excel 2007 guide, we’ll show how to quickly automate tasks by recording a macro. We’ll also discuss how to execute macros after they’ve been created....

    Assigning Shortcuts to Macros in Word 2007

    If you really want to get the most out of your commonly used macros in Microsoft Word 2007, you can assign buttons or keyboard shortcuts to them so that the process of running these macros is even more...

    Transferring Macros in Word 2007

    Need to transfer a Word 2007 macro from one document to another? Not only is this process useful for sharing macros between individual files, but it also allows you a way to send a select macro to...

    Creating New Macros in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    One of the things I really miss from previous versions of Microsoft PowerPoint is the ability to simply record a macro. You can still create macros in PowerPoint 2007, but it requires a little more work...

    Inserting Multiple Slides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentations

    Adding slides to a PowerPoint presentation, one by one, can quickly become tedious. As we continue this series on using macros in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, we show how a macro can be created to add multiple...

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Macro Photo Tips

Are you good at taking photos of flowers, insects, leaves, dewdrops and close ups in general? Would you like to know how to become better at macro photography? Read these macro...

Macro Creation Tool for the Windows Platform

Whether you’re looking for a utility that can create global macros on a Windows PC or you’d just like to have macro capabilities in one application, consider checking out...

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