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Learn about Mac Computers

Mac is the name used for Apple's line of computers, both desktop and portable. Originally know as MacIntosh computers, the abbreviation is now more well known than the original name, and Apple uses Mac for its product names. Mac products often have a certain style not always found in other personal computer manufacturers' products. They also have partisan users. Bright Hub has a channel devoted to all things Mac, and this guide showcases the best articles there.Apple Logo all lit up by Roadside Guitars on Flickr

Whether you are interested in Mac desktops or notebooks, software, the newest version of the operating system or applications for the Apple computers, Bright Hub can fill your needs. We cover comparisons of Mac products to one another, to different PC manufacturers, and security for your system. Certain types of applications run better on the Mac than other platforms, and which application does so is always changing. Bright Hub keeps you up-to-date with reviews on Mac specific issues, and upcoming Mac products.

Apple Logo all lit up by Roadside Guitars on Flickr

Latest Articles on Mac
Deciding Which Version of Office 2016 is Right for You

With the recent release of Office 2016, you may be wondering which version would be appropriate for you to use. Well – you’ve come to the right place. This article will...

Have a Mac and Want to Use TurboTax? Find Out If the Program is Right for You!

TurboTax Deluxe for Mac is a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars at a tax preparation company. If you're a Mac user you know there aren't many other choices. Here's...

After the Tsunami Trojan Knocked Down Mac's Door, What's Next?

The threat of a malware explosion on Mac OS X has been low until recently, when more and more threats have been identified. With Mac use increasing, scammers are now targeting OS X...

Become an iPhoto Guru!

Available as part of iLife, iPhoto is a fantastic app for anyone who wants to keep their digital photos organized. Offering image editing and other useful tools, the application can...

Most Popular Articles on Mac
    Resolve Odd Mac Problems with Routine Maintenance

    A Mac stores data it needs to access often something called a cache. Sometimes, this gets corrupted and problems occur that are hard to diagnose or repair. Often, clearing what's stored here can resolve...

    Guide to Syncing Your HTC Phone with a Mac

    Synchronizing your HTC with a Mac is an easy process. The Mac has made it harder and harder to cross different operating systems to use its many functionalities. However, there are many ways to work around...

    Three Home Design Software Programs for Mac

    Mac OS X is the choice platform for many graphic designers, architects, and professional designers. So, you would believe finding home design software for Mac would be easy. Not always. Here are three...

    Three Free Special Effects Software Programs

    Are you looking out for free special effects software programs with a difference? If you want to experiment with some special effects you may as well start out by downloading a free program and save...

    Four Free Alternatives to Futura Fonts

    Futura is a classic sans serif font based on a set of simple geometric forms. It's considered very easy to read, but rarely comes with desktop publishing software and usually has a hefty price tag...

More About Mac
Clean Up Your Mac: Organize Your Desktop Icons and Maintain your Desktop

Even if you prefer an uncluttered desktop, the ease of accessing things directly from there will almost always lure you back in. The truth is, you’re going to have stuff on your...

Special Effects Software for Macs

Mac users, are you shopping for some great special effects or visual effects software? Here’s an updated list of some professional software applications for your Mac....

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