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ubuntuThere are dozens of Linux distributions to choose from today. These distributions are targeted at home users, developers, administrators, support personnel, mobile devices and more. Some Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE, are well known, but there are many more Linux distributions catering to niche markets and those with more specialized requirements.

This guide includes reviews of the various Linux distributions that are available, and can show you which distribution is right for you. You will also find helpful hints on how to use Linux, and how to work around some of the common problems first time users may experience when using Linux.

Latest Articles on Linux Distribution
Most Popular Linux Distributions of 2011: 3rd Quarter

We have closed the third quarter of 2011. We would like to look at how the Linux distros performed up to now. We will see the shares of the major Linux distros and their performance...

The Best Linux Web Server Software

This simple article will teach you how easy it truly is for the normal Joe Bloggs to run a secure Linux web server from anywhere. This is useful for home servers where multimedia is...

The Perfect Linux Distribution

What type of effort goes into creating a Linux distribution? If you have ever wondered what is involved in making a perfect Linux distribution, you have come to the right place!...

Linux Versions Update

In this article we will discuss Linux and each distributions release schedule with a focus on how you can update to a newer version if needed. There are many Linux distributions out...

Most Popular Articles on Linux Distribution
    Finding Your Device Mounts in Linux

    If you've just connected a hard-disk to your computer, your Linux distribution might not mount it automatically. And unlike Windows, Linux shows all its devices (including disks) as files....

    The Best Graphical Video Editors for Linux

    Whether you need to edit your home videos and add transition effects, quickly snip out a portion of a video file, import videos directly from a video camera, or do professional video editing, there's...

    Syncing & Playing Music on the iPhone without iTunes

    Free the iPhone from the need to sync with iTunes. Sync the iPhone on multiple computers, without restrictions. Utilizing third party options not only makes the process easier, but a whole lot faster than...

    Fixing Hard Drive Errors Using the Debian-based Knoppix Distribution

    The Knoppix CD serves as a rescue disk that allows a computer user access to applications and utilities that allow him to fix hard drive errors. The graphical user interface makes the hard drive tools...

    The Great Benefits of a Lightweight Distro

    While larger distros like Ubuntu might offer a greater depth of user interface configuration options and support for a wider selection of hardware, it is good to know that there is still a market for lightweight...

More About Linux Distribution
Making Your Own Linux Distro

It isn't as complicated as it sounds. Learn how even a newcomer to Linux can create a tailor made Linux distribution in less than ten minutes!...

Choose a Linux Distribution (Operating System) That's Right for You

It can be difficult to choose a Linux distribution (operating system) as there are so many. They are also distinct in what they offer and how they operate. Eliminate the confusion...

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