Guide to iPod Touch

iPod Touch - Fourth GenerationThe iPod Touch is an “iPhone that cannot make calls". In other words, it is a portable media player that features almost everything an iPhone possesses: media player, Wi-Fi, nifty applications and access to the iTunes Music Store with the sole exception of making calls. This stylized, stripped-down version of Apple’s touch-screen smartphone has more features than its predecessor, the iPod.

The three generations of the iPod Touch offered exceptional features. The fourth generation, unveiled on September 1, 2010, has unimaginable cool new features including the ingenious Retina Display that guarantees display clarity and sharpness like never before and the latest iOS 4.1, which brings Game Center and FaceTime for gaming and social geeks!

This guide will take you to some of the best tutorials, apps and other features associated with the iPod Touch. You will find a great compilation of free games, best video game genres (RPG, simulation etc.), and applications for Apple’s stylish gadget. You will also learn how to load videos on to your Touch and set automatic video syncing.

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