A Guide to Understanding Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is bigger business, and more controversial than ever. When copying someone's intellectual property can be done with a few clicks on a keyboard, it is important to understand the definition of this property. Bright Hub has a collection of articles which explain what is intellectual property, discuss why it is important, and some of the changes that are going on with IP lawWIPO logo 2010 throughout the world. We also look at copyrights, patents, fair use, Creative Commons licensing, and some of the major issues that have come about in working with intellectual properties since the advent of the Internet.

WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Association, explains the concepts of various types of intellectual property, and how they are governed, and Bright Hub articles reveal the issues and areas WIPO covers. It is important to understand intellectual property, and know how to protect your own, if it is being infringed.

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Latest Articles on Intellectual Property
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More About Intellectual Property
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