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To Fill or Not to Fill: the Ink Cartridges Question

Inkjet cartridges, and inkjet printers, have created a revolution in personal printing. Color printing good enough to print photos is affordable, and inkjet printers are in most homes that have computers.There are many versatile inket printers, and every one of them uses inkjet cartridges. When the real cost of inkjet printing is examined, new ink cartridges are the largest expense owners face. In general, the better the printer, the more individual color cartridges it uses. Because the cost of replacement cartridges is so high, anClose-up of the colour sprayers of a colour inkjet cartridge from Flickr by Dbreg2007 entire business exists to provide ink to refill the original cartridges, or sell you inexpensive versions of the brand name cartridges. Printer manufacturers make money selling ink, and they don't want you to use other cartridges, or refill theirs. Bright Hub articles look at both sides of the inkjet cartridge question to help you decide whether to buy cartridges from printer companies or refill them with ink yourself. The answer is not always straightforward, because some printers do print better quality prints with manufacturer cartridges. Bright Hub also considers the recycling aspects of refilling cartridges in insightful articles.

Close-up of the colour sprayers of a colour inkjet cartridge from Flickr by Dbreg2007

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