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I am a sickly kid. The standard fan fare of germs and illness, I probably have had. I can get sick just from the mention of your grandmother in Illinois hearing that her cousin in New York is sick.
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Germs. They're everywhere - from doorknobs, to chairs, to the very air that we breathe, and even our own bodies. While most germs are Guide to Germseasily taken care of by our body's immune system, there are of course germs that get under our skin and can cause days, weeks, months, and even years of agony. Bacteria, infections, viruses...germs.

This is a helpful guide to germs, giving you the information, articles, tips, tricks, and even reviews on what exactly germs are, the different types of germs, how we get them, what the symptoms are, and of course how we can treat and eventually rid ourselves of what is making us sick.

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