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Genetic diseases are conditions caused by abnormalities that occur in the human genome. These abnormalities are frequently passed down from one generation to the next. Here at Bright Hub are numerous articles that deal with the different causes and factors that contribute to the development of most genetic diseases. Specific examples of these genetic diseases are also explained, including their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Several articles also give detailed information on how genetic screening procedures are being performed, and enumerate the risks involved, if there are any. You'll also find information on recent studies and research being done in the field of genetics.

Latest Articles on Genetic Diseases
Coping with Loneliness - Genetic Causes of Feeling Isolated

Recent studies have shown that loneliness may have genetic predisposition. Research based on the concepts of behavioral genetics has revealed that difficulties in coping with loneliness...

Genetic Diseases and Recessive Genes

There are several genetic diseases inherited by recessive genes. Cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, tay sachs, and spinal muscle atrophy are autosomal recessive genetic diseases....

Pros and Cons of Gene Therapy

Everyone carries roughly half a dozen of defective genes, but stay blissfully ignorant of the fact until learning that they suffer from a genetic disease. Gene therapy is one of the...

Human Inbreeding and the Caste System

India's caste system has been in operation for thousands of years. It's a hierarchical grouping based on various qualities from the priestly Brahmins at the top down to the...

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Gene Therapy to Fight Genetic Diseases

This article discusses genetic diseases and the applications used to treat them....

Introduction to Genetics: Glossary A-M

Does the field of genetics get you in a twist? Are you puzzled by some of the words, phrases, and terminology? If so, then this genetics glossary is for you. It features some...