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Is There a Reliable Way to Tell Which Direction the Forex Market Will Trade on a Daily Basis?

How do you tell which direction the Forex market will trade on a daily basis? There is no 100% accurate, magic formula, but there are some tips you can learn to increase your...

Tips for the Summertime and a Slow Forex Market

If you've reviewed the forex market charts for the past couple of years; you will notice how slow the summertime forex market can be. In this article, we explore why summertime...

Big Banks and the Forex Market Trade

How much do big banks trade in the forex market and what are the implications for the individual investor?...

Learn About What is Driving the Forex Market

In this article we look at what drives the forex markets and different interest groups that influence exchange rate movements....

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Manually Day Trade the Forex Market with this Simple Strategy

In this article, we reveal a simple trading strategy to manually day trade the Forex market. It uses the RSI technical indicator and the engulfing candle stick formation....

Dangers When Trading in the Forex Market

Trading the forex market can be very profitable for the disciplined and determined trader, but there are dangers in trading Forex. In this article we explain what these dangers are...

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