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DNA fingerprinting, invented less than 30 years ago, has virtually revolutionized forensic science. Although its use in forensics and in solving crimes and prosecuting criminals are the most well known DNA fingerprinting usesDNA, there are other applications as well, such as the DNA paternity test, wildlife management, and even dating ancient manuscripts. Use this guide to find Bright Hub articles about the discovery of DNA fingerprinting, the history of DNA testing, some of the earliest criminal cases in which it was used, or some of the other innovative uses, including DNA testing.


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The Use of DNA Profiling in the Justice System

Shows about forensic crime-fighting with DNA are a big hit on TV, but they usually skimp on the details. If you’ve ever wondered just how DNA profiling works, and how it’s...

Tracking Down Offenders with the DNA of their Relatives

DNA fingerprinting was first used in a criminal investigation in 1986. Since then it's been used to crack thousands of cases all over the world. The technology has also been extended...

Disputed DNA Fingerprinting Trial Evidence: How Sure Is It Possible To Be?

The development of DNA fingerprinting and its use in the courts has helped us all feel a lot more secure about the justice of criminal trials. But can problems arise with DNA evidence?...

Genetic Disease Testing With DNA Fingerprinting

Genetic disease testing with DNA fingerprinting is a rapid process that allows researchers to diagnose genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis, hemophilia and sickle cell anemia,...

Most Popular Articles on Dna Fingerprinting
    DNA Fingerprinting History: Its First Use in Criminology

    DNA fingerprinting was first applied to a criminal case in 1986, a year after the world first heard about the technology. It established the innocence of a man who had been suspected of murdering and raping...

    Who Invented DNA Fingerprinting?

    Sir Alec Jeffreys was the scientist who invented DNA fingerprinting and it has revolutionised forensic science and society. It is a powerful technology that's helped to solve thousands of crimes as...

    The Benefits of DNA fingerprinting

    This article looks at the benefits of DNA fingerprinting in identification, forensics, and other lesser known uses of the technology such as how DNA profiling helps plants....

    DNA Fingerprinting: 3 Famous Crime Cases

    This forensic science article highlights three cases famous for their use, and in one case, misuse of DNA fingerprinting: Tommie Lee Andrews, Kirk Bloodsworth, and OJ Simpson....

    The Use of Genetics in Forensics

    This history of crime is as old as the history of mankind but the methods of searching for clues and criminals have been changing over the ages. Let us see how the modern technology of genetics helps to...

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DNA Fingerprinting

DNA fingerprinting has revolutionized crime fighting; a few cells are all that is needed to trap a criminal. The technology is also used to resolve paternity issues, immigration...

DNA Fingerprinting Recent Developments

Criminals will have a harder time trying to escape the long arm of the law thanks to a DNA fingerprinting development that can extract valuable genetic material from contaminated samples...

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