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Being overweight myself, I am aware of the danger of contracting adult-onset or Type II Diabetes Mellitus. This is one of the most prevalent health problems of American Society.
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Guide to Research, Plus the Diagnosis and Treatment of, Diabetes

DiaCDC Diabetes by Ethnicitybetes mellitus, is the condition whereby the body cannot properly handle sugar and medical intervention is necessary. It is divided into two types: Type I, or juvenile diabetes, and Type II, or adult-onset diabetes. The former requires insulin intervention. For persons with Type II diabetes, the body may be producing some insulin, and diet, weight-loss, exercise, and/or oral medication may suffice to reduce and completely control the problem.

Your Bright Hub contributors offer informative articles that help one better understand these conditions, scientific breakthroughs, and tips concerning lifestyle changes to improve the life of diabetics.

Diabetes by Ethnicity: Image: Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

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