Guide to the American Civil War

How did the American Civil War change society? Are there still effects of this war today? If you have questions like these, we have answers.

120px-The Storming of Ft Wagner-lithograph by Kurz and Allison 1890

In fact, we have compiled an entire online library of articles devoted to this subject for readers just like you. Our Bright Hub expert writers provide the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) like these, as well as commentaries, reviews, tips, and advice.

Here is a small sampling of the various topics covered:

  • Timelines, maps, battles, battlefields, and military tactics
  • Foods, clothing styles, shelter, medicines, and uniforms
  • Union and Confederate victories and losses
  • Social and political history
  • Family, religion, and cultural issues

No matter what your needs or your level of interest in the War Between the States, you find everything you need in this complete guide to the American Civil Ware. Bookmark this page, as you'll find yourself referring to it often.

The Storming of Ft. Wagner/Image Credit/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain


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